We strive to provide hassle-free and cost effective Co-Packing solutions for our customers.
We will mix, pasteurize, fill, cap, label, and sleeve your products just perfectly!


It’s not an easy choice to decide who to trust with your production. With Just Perfect, we will go through our capabilities for your product and set you on the right path.


Once deciding Just Perfect is the right fit for you, we will be focused with you on production quality to make sure your product is made just perfect.


We are here to grow with you. Always ready for the next step.

Co-Packing Services we offer

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Sauce and Condiment Production

Just Perfect is here to assist you with your step up to a larger-scale production. We are happy to provide smaller, workable minimums to allow growth into your sales.

Quality Control from Start to Finish

All staff are hands on with your product, making sure everything is produced just perfect. We will inspect each bottle before the final packaging.

Large scale Homogenization for deliciously thick products such as mayonnaise and other dressings.

We are able to provide large scale packaging options for food service. From ‘2L Jugs’ to ‘15L Pails/bag-in-a-box’ to ‘drums or totes’.

Personalized service

We are here to serve you, give us a call and Mel will happily direct you on where to start. We can provide direction and assistance from the very beginning.

About Us

Our History

Food manufacturing has been our family tradition since 1888. It’s dedication has been passed down through 4 generations and you can be confident that our production and sauces are at the peak of culinary delight. I’m the current owner, Markus Skollsberg, and I have been with the company since it’s beginning in 2007. Working with my father, Jan, from the ground up I’ve seen our company grow with many customers we’ve added over the years and our ability to serve them has expanded. We’ve recently acquired a brand-new custom built 6-head filler for our co-packing retail line to help increase our efficiency.

Our Company

Our facility is located in Richmond BC Canada, and we have served our customers from this location for over 30 years with multiple specialty food companies. As such we have grown ever so efficient in our production methods and continue to develop new manufacturing techniques to become extremely cost effective as well as ensuring the best tasting products delivered.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Staff

Markus Skollsberg – Owner

Mel – Office Administrator

Bob – Machine Operator

Jhon – Warehouse

Ruth – Production Manager

Get in touch

All inquires are entertained, if you have any questions as to how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.